Wired to Wireless Network Migration

Most companies still using wired networking for sharing INTERNET and data between computers in their organizations. Most still hesitate to switch to wireless network. Here are two great advantages of migrating to wireless network compared to wired network environment.

1.Reduce capital, operational and management cost. (You can save cost by eliminating cost of major renovations when puling in new cables, piping and casings. Network cables are expensive and so are installations and termination cost. The worst part is when you want to do office renovation, you have to do all the network cable puling and termination again and again.)

2.Increased security (WLANs are now protected with very strong authentication and encryption technology, and they are able to identify and apply security policies based on who the user is, what type of device it is, how it is authenticating, when and from where it is connecting, and more. Some mobility controllers integrate policy enforcement firewalls, enabling them to implement role-based access control, tying users to policies and roles defined in directory services. )

The benefit of migrating to wireless is the portability and ease of use. Nowadays almost new computing hardware such as printers and scanner have wireless feature and thus wireless network is the way to go. Some companies that uses BYOD ( Bring your own Device) will gain more saving and connecting wirelessly will make staffs more connected and organized.

We offer a wide variety of wireless networking products that can cater home usage to large companies. Do contact us for more info.