SMS Server

ThereĀ  are still organization or companies still use Short Messaging Service (SMS) as a mean to communicate with client and customer. Our SMS Server solutions work with either single computer or multiple computers through network. For you to understand our method / solutions, we would like to show you our case studies from previous client. Our solutions does not require you to purchase all the required hardware in the solutions, we can use your previous computer and custom tailor it to meet your needs. Do contact us if you are interested in these SMS Server System.


Problem Statement:

Kuching Waterboard request for upgrade of their SMS system which was only can be used by one user only. The previous system are only installed in one computer and cannot be accessed by other authorized user within the department. The replacement system must support multiple user with design and user interaction which have the same learning curve as the previous system.


Target User:

The system will be used by the customer support department as the mean to contact with their customer and contractor.


Proposed System:

We are fully support open source solutions as an effective solution to the above problem statement. For the solution, we have selected the following open source solutions that we will install , customize and configure to work with your customer support department.


  1. Kalkun SMS System: Kalkun is an open source web-based SMS (Short Message Service) management. Since it web-based, we just need to put this software on one computer, let say it as the server. And other computer on the network just need a browser to use it. The interface and way to operate it is more or less identical with KWB previous SMS System.
  2. Ubuntu Linux OS: Ubuntu Linux is an alternative to Microsoft Windows System which are far more superior in handling web based applications, stable and reliable. This OS will be installed in one recommended PC and will be the server to install the kalkun SMS system, sim card dongle, databases (mysql) and network access.
  3. Gammu: Gammu will be the interface to connect and configure the interaction between sim card dongle and the Kalkun SMS system.

All the above open source solutions are licensed GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.


Kalkun has the following features:

  • Multiple database backend (Currently support MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite3)
  • Multiuser (each user have it’s own inbox, outbox, folder, and phonebook)
  • Conversation, SMS is grouped by phone number
  • Manage SMS (Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items)
  • Sending SMS, by personal or group
  • Scheduled SMS, by datetime or delay
  • Manage Phonebook, by personal or group
  • Create signature on your message
  • Create and manage private folder
  • Quick reply, reply, forward message
  • Flash/Long SMS
  • Simple Auto Reply
  • Unicode suppor



  • Server side (Ubuntu Linux Recommended)
  • Web server: Apache 2.x or Lighttpd is recommended
  • PHP 5.x with: session, database library (depends on database engine you use), hash, json, curl (optional) extension/module enabled
  • Database Engine (MySQL 5.x, PostgreSQL or SQLite3)
  • Gammu-SMSD, part of Gammu family
  • Please Provide 1 Static IP so that client can access this server.
  • Client side, a modern and supported web browser with javascript/AJAX and cookies enabled:
  • Firefox 3.x or higher
  • Opera 9.x or higher
  • Safari 4.x or higher
  • Google Chrome 10.x or higher
  • Internet Explorer 7 or Higher


  • Intel Processor 2GB or Higher
  • 2GB DDR3 or Higher
  • Intel Motherboard with Intel Chipset
  • 320 GB Hardisk Storage or higher
  • Network Port
  • LCD Monitor
  • Good Cooling System