Open Source OS


Linux or Open Source OS is an alternative os to microsoft windows and mac ios. It is open source and free to use. UGET SOLUTIONS PLT is a strong supporter of open source software and we do recommend you to use this great software. Here are some advantages of using open source os compare to windows:

1. Open Source Nature – This means that you can use the software and share it with others. Mainly open source or linux using gnu or free license. You don’t have to worry about anti-piracy crime unit knocking at your office door!

2.Security – Windows OS is vulnerable to different types of attacks (or hacks). However, Linux is not as vulnerable as Windows. It sure isn’t invulnerable, but it is a lot more secure.It is just the way Linux works that makes it a secure operating system. Overall, the process of package management, the concept of repositories, and a couple more features makes it possible for Linux to be more secure than Windows.

When you have Windows installed, you need to download/purchase an Antivirus program to keep your computer safe from hackers and malware. However, Linux does not require the use of such Anti-Virus programs. Of course, a couple of software tools still exist to help you keep your system free from threats, but it is often unnecessary when you have a Linux system.

Being secure by nature would make things easier for you and save money as well because you will not have to get a premium Antivirus software!

3. Can Revive Old Computers – Linux uses much lower requirement compared to microsoft windows, so that means that you can use up to date linux os on your old computers. There are a lot of linux varieties that caters different types of hardware old and new.

4. Software updates – Linux are updated daily and most of the time doesn’t need any computer reboot. Windows on the other hand, will give you update or patch once plenty of users already got problem from hack and viruses.

5. Reliable- Windows, as we know it, becomes sluggish day after day. You will want to re-install Windows after a while when you encounter crashes or slowdowns on your system. If you are using Linux, you will not have to worry about re-installing it just to experience a faster and a smoother system. Linux helps your system run smooth for a longer period (in fact, much longer!).

6. There are plenty of linux advantages over windows. Credit to for giving this valuable article.


There are a lot of linux os to choose from. Do contact us for recommendation on which one that suits your best!!