Offline / On-Line Cloud Server

Our cloud solutions puts data on your fingertips under your control. Store your documents, calendar, contacts and photos on a server in your data center, at home or at one of our providers. Cloud technology is more secure and portable compared to traditional file server. Whether you host your cloud in your own home or internet you can access your files via mobile, tablets, desktop or laptops.

Our Solutions are powered by NEXTCLOUD. Here are some of the advantages:

  1. Nextcloud gives you access to all your files wherever you are.
  2. Share with others on your terms.
  3. Security first
  4. Workflow management
  5. Tracking changes to your files
  6. Mobile and Desktop clients
  7. External storage, securely encrypted
  8. Calendar and contacts
  9. Secure audio and video calls
  10. View and edit documents with Collabora
  11. Add dozens more features through Nextcloud Apps


Case Study: Our Client at DBNA Kuching HQ are using nextcloud to synchronize and backup files from other desktop computer. This are example of how nextcloud can be utilized to fit your needs. We are using Ubuntu OS as the main os where nextcoud is reside.